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Our Reviewers

Nano Picks helps you save time by providing commentary on the most important nanoscience and nanotechnology findings.  Featured researchers review and analyze the recent literature.  You can add your comments to our online journal club. 

Meet our current reviewers.

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Dr. Shelley Claridge
Affiliation: University of California, Los Angeles (Paul S. Weiss Research Group)
Area of Research: Shelley is developing novel scanning probe spectroscopy methods for obtaining structural information from molecules self-assembled on surfaces. Previously she has us...

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Dr. Gopal Coimbatore
Affiliation: Texas Tech University
Area of Research: Gopal’s primary research interest is chemical and biosensors and environmental toxicology. Recently he has developed an interest in studying the environmental aspect...

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Prof. Michael Dickey
Affiliation: North Carolina State University
Area of Research: Michael's research interests are broad, but he is primarily interested in developing new materials and methods for micro- and nanofabrication, patterning, and assemb...

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Prof. Jay Groves
Affiliation: University of California, Berkeley
Area of Research: Jay Groves' research interests are in the physical chemistry and biology of cell membranes, signal transduction, and model membrane systems. His research group inves...

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Prof. Henry Hess
Affiliation: Columbia University
Area of Research: Henry's primary research interest is nanobiotechnology, and in particular nanodevices and materials utilizing biomolecular motors.

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Prof. Dean Ho
Affiliation: Northwestern University
Area of Research: Professor Dean Ho's research areas include the development of nanodiamond-based particle and microfilm technologies for sustained drug delivery as well as nanocarbon...

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Prof. Kevin Kelly
Affiliation: Rice University
Area of Research: Kevin's research group performs cutting-edge imaging research that can be broadly divided into two categories: the scanning probe microscopy group and the optical co...

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Dr. Joseph Luther
Affiliation: University of California, Berkeley (Paul Alivisatos research group)
Area of Research: Joseph Luther's research interests lie in the energy applications of nanoscale objects, including the fabrication and characterization of novel photovoltaic and elec...

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Prof. Douglas Natelson
Affiliation: Rice University
Area of Research: Prof. Natelson's research focuses on the electronic and magnetic properties of atomic and molecular-scale systems, strongly correlated nanostructures, and organic se...

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Ms. Xiaohui Peng
Affiliation: State University of New York at Stony Brook (Stanislaus Wong Research Group)
Area of Research: Xiaohui's research interests include devising new strategies for chemical functionalization of carbon nanotubes, probing the synthesis and characterization of carbon...

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Prof. Marco Rolandi
Affiliation: University of Washington
Area of Research: Marco's research interests include low cost, low energy, and environmentally friendly manufacturing strategies to assemble nanodevices with practical applications. ...

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Prof. Francesco Stellacci
Affiliation: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Area of Research: Francesco's interests are in the study of surface phenomena in supramolecular assemblies, in particular when applied as coatings on nanoscale materials.

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Prof. Mark Stoykovich
Affiliation: University of Colorado at Boulder
Area of Research: Mark Stoykovich’s research focuses on developing polymeric materials that self-assemble into novel nanostructures in thin films and controlling the structure assembl...

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Dr. Andy Taton
Affiliation: University of Minnesota
Area of Research: Andy is interested in the interface between nanomaterials science, polymer chemistry, and chemical biology, both as a way of synthesizing new materials with tailorab...

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Prof. Latha Venkataraman
Affiliation: Columbia University
Area of Research: Latha's research involves exploring the electronic transport and mechanical properties of materials on the nanometer scale. In recent decades, developments in nanote...

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Dr. Fen Zhang
Affiliation: Honda Research Institute USA
Area of Research: Fen’s research focuses on novel functional nanomaterials for energy conversion and storage. She’s interested in controlling the material synthesis at the atomic leve...

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Dr. Hongjun Zhou
Affiliation: The University of Texas at Austin (Allen Bard research group)
Area of Research: Hongjun’s research interest is in the study of single nanoparticle collision events. He is also interested in fabrication and application of nanocrystalline metal o...

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